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Thanksgiving Baskets.jpg

1 Walmart Gift Card ($10-$15 to cover the cost of meat)

1 large can of green beans

1 box instant potatoes

1 large can of yams

1 box dressing

1 jar of gravy

1 can cranberry sauce

1 pkg. rolls

1 Thanksgiving note/blessing for the family

We are currently signing up to help provide Thanksgiving dinner to those in our community who need some extra help. We have 13 families from our partner school, Smyrna Elementary, and we hope to be able to provide a basket to our food pantry families. We will NOT be providing a frozen turkey or ham as we will be distributing the baskets (bags also work) on November 15th. We are asking that you include in the basket a gift card for the cost of the meat (a $10-$15 gift card depending on the size of the family). Walmart is a great place to get the gift card. For the pantry families, we are using counts of 1-4 and 5-8 people. You are welcome to add any additional items to the list above as long as the items aren't perishable. A box of cake or brownie mix will work if you feel like providing a dessert. We ask that you include on the box the number you are given when you sign up for tracking purposes. All boxes are due back to the church on November 12th for distribution on November 15th. 

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